TSAP @ Platt Hall 2020

This year TSAP were commissioned by Platt Hall to make new artwork which contributes towards Platt Hall’s fundraising work for it to become a community-focused museum and creative making space, whilst drawing attention to TSAP and hoping to encourage more people to join the network. 

TSAP @ Platt Hall 2020 is also featured on Platt Hall’s website.

Artists’ ‘TSAP @ Platt Hall 2020’ Projects

Claudia Alonso & Carlos Vicente – The Hall Of Curiosities 

Jackie Haynes – No! Ah! (dismay followed by ideas) 

Katy Jones – Shreds and Patches: Whatever Next? 

Tzanka Tcherneva-Ilieva – Every leaf matters

“The materials for the score consist of all sounds and noises that can be created by violin, drum, trumpet, sewing machine, ticking clock, water stream etcetera. The materials for the text are all experiences that excite the brain and the emotions. These materials are not to be used logically in their objective relationships, but only within the logic of the work of art. The more intensively the work of art destroys rational objective logic, the greater the possibilities of artistic form.” 

From ‘Merz’ by Kurt Schwitters, Der Ararat (Journal 1921) | see also Mt. Ararat, Turkey, said to have been the resting place for Noah’s Ark.