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Terrace Square Artists Project (TSAP) is an ever-expanding network of local residents who live in houses which back onto alleyways, in the ‘Terrace Square’ neighbourhoods of Moss Side and Fallowfield in South Manchester. This adjoins Platt Fields Park and we consider Platt Hall to be an essential part of our neighbourhood. 

The aim of the TSAP network is to be inclusive and improve daily life through neighbourliness and interests in creativity of all kinds. The communal spaces of our newly ‘greened’ alleys are used to meet, make and show artwork, with an emphasis on recycling of materials. TSAP is an offshoot of Upping It, a hugely successful grass roots alley greening initiative. The development of Platt Hall as a community-focused museum and creative making space offers potential for TSAP to be brought indoors and more, so that it can continue to develop all year round. We have already forged productive connections locally through the Platt Hall Open Door and Keep Connected sessions.

Platt Hall’s commission for new artwork, TSAP @ Platt Hall 2020, has resulted in four new projects and a new digital platform. The works make reference to the Mary Greg Collection, Terrace Square, Platt Fields Park, the first anniversary of Manchester City Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration, Platt Hall itself and much more. It has also become a focal point for Love Parks celebration at Platt Fields Park. All of this has been undertaken creatively and safely within the productive tension of the pandemic, along with excellent communications from the Platt Hall team. 

May 2020 saw the first anniversary of TSAP, which would have no doubt grown exponentially were it not for the pandemic. However, the network has been given the opportunity to broaden in scope thanks to the commission. We look forward to further developing our relationship with Platt Hall with the pace and sense of urgency established through the project. We hope that Platt Hall’s potential can be realised very soon to make best use of the momentum it already has created locally, despite the severely restricted circumstances. 

Upping It in Rusholme & Moss Side

TSAP is an offshoot of the amazing Upping It alley greening project.

Upping It is based on the sustaining belief in what neighbours can do together to clean and green alleys, increase recycling and improve our environment. The communal spaces of our newly ‘greened’ alleys are used to meet, make and show work, with an emphasis on recycling of materials.

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