Claudia Alonso

Claudia’s practice employs her photographic experience and explores the environment, collective making and public spaces as part of her practice.

She uses her knowledge of a variety of skills and combines them with her interest in useful art to create works on a diversity of materials and shapes.

Claudia Alonso is a Manchester-based artist born in Madrid, Spain. She graduated in  Visual Arts from the University of  Salford in 2017 and obtained a graduate scholarship. Since then, she has exhibited at the Victoria Warehouse, New Adelphi Art Gallery, Paradise Works, Salford Museum, The Manchester Museum and her work is part of the University of Salford’s art collection. She created public artwork with the Whitworth and participated in MIF19. 

She is currently studying a Masters in social engagement art practice developing collaborative projects introducing horticulture as an artistic practice using alleys and allotments as a participatory space combining art and real life.

TSAP @ Platt Hall 2020: The Hall Of Curiosities

“ The Hall of Curiosities” comprises curated items from Platt Hall Gallery, including Mary Greg’s particular acquisition of handmade objects, and her interest for artisan skills and the domestic. It highlights objects on various themes including games, music, tools, and nature, as well as a diverse selection of textile techniques and materials from different regions around the world, symbolising the rich influence of other nations on British history, industry and trade.

This immense diversity of objects, subjects, materials and techniques is reflected in the variety of people(s) and cultures living in the neighbourhood around the gallery. On the eye view window of the museum, more information about each object will be provided and some question/task/fact will be linked to each object to create a more engaging and interactive artwork.

This project is a collaboration with Carlos Vicente. To view the project please click below.


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