Jackie Haynes

Coming from a textiles background, scissors feature as the means to make things, mostly from leftovers, for use in performance, installations, videos and photographs in live, exhibited and documented artwork.

A Manchester resident since 1986. Former owner of House of Haynes Fancy Dress Hire, designing and making costumes in Manchester city centre for 14 years, before returning to education to do MA Textiles at MMU. Now an artist and currently engaged in an art practise-based PhD study of the German artist, Kurt Schwitters at University of Cumbria.

TSAP @ Platt Hall 2020 – No! Ah! (dismay followed by ideas) 

22 distant cousins of the Noah’s Ark animals, from Platt Hall’s Mary Greg Collection, end their year-long trek towards Platt Hall Climate Emergency Hub which began following the announcement by Manchester City Council of the Manchester Climate Emergency Declaration on 10th July, 2019. On the way to sheltering in the hub, they walk and talk through how they’d like to emerge from the emergency into a better world.








Roundtable Climate Emergency Meeting with discussions raising the severity of climate breakdown. (On the site where a tree blew down in the April gales of 2014, the event which triggered the PhD study of Kurt Schwitters – a story for another post!)
Extraordinary General Meeting: on the day of Manchester City Council’s Climate Emergency Declaration, 10th July 2019, the animals set off for the safety of Platt Hall Climate Emergency Hub, where they hope to work out what best to do, going forward.
Mealtime; best quality municipal mown grass.
Found object…
…upcycled as ground sheet.
The trek stretches long into the night…

7. Hedge
…through fields and hedges…


8. Crossing…up to the final crossing.


9. ArrivalThe animals arrive at Platt Hall Climate Emergency Hub, where they form an orderly queue, 2 by 2 by 2m (for now) and wait for Noah to welcome them in.


10. Tiger Melt-Down TryptichIt has been a long and traumatic journey for the animals, who feel badly let down by humankind. The Tiger has a meltdown, not helped at all by the increasingly rising temperatures due to global warming.

                      11. Mary Greg CollectionThey reunite with their distant cousins, 19thcentury residents of Platt Hall’s Mary Greg Collection, who are horrified by their tales of the climate tragedy: how it got so bad, how little has been done to stop it and how much more there remains to be done.

12. Frida Map

Platt Fields Map Frida Cassani (2020) Route taken by animals 10thJuly 2019 to arrive at Platt Hall Climate Emergency Hub 10th July 2020









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