TSAP Artists

A group of local residents who met through Platt Claremont Residents Association, wanted to work out how to improve local daily life through neighbourliness and interests in creativity of all kinds. A series of ‘Alley Tours’ got this idea off the ground in May 2019 – going from one alley to the next to do a different creative activity in each.

This is how TSAP started…


Claudia Alonso

Claudia’s practice employs her photographic experience and explores the environment, collective making and public spaces as part of her practice.


Jackie Haynes

Coming from a textiles background, scissors feature as the means to make things, mostly from leftovers, for use in performance, installations, videos and photographs in live, exhibited and documented artwork.


Katy Jones

Illustrator and pyrographer; explorer of legends, mythology and nature.


Tzanka Tcherneva-Ilieva

Textile artist and practitioner with special interest in costume and embroidery.


Carlos Vicente

Carlos uses painting, illustration and printmaking as a tool to create his artwork. He is passionate about colour, nature and people.



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