Tzanka Tcherneva-Ilieva

Tzanka is a textile artist and practitioner with special interest in costume and embroidery.

Tzanka holds a background in animation and film. Currently she is engaged in promoting environmental causes through art.

She has an MA in film from the National Film Academy Sofia Bulgaria in 2000. She spent 10 years working in various animation and film projects, before settling her interest in the area of textiles.

Tzanka has a strong interest in textile research and  practice. She has established an embroidery school in Bulgaria and can demonstrate various Victorian needlework, lacemaking and textiles techniques, learned from the family textile business.

Tzanka has lived in Manchester since 2011 and since then, has been promoting environmentally responsible culture through art.

Tzanka has been a member of TSAP since 2019.

Tsap @ Platt Hall 2020 – Every leaf matters

My project is about starting a climate emergency   conversation in my neighbourhood by asking members of the public to colour a leaf and display it in their windows for the duration of love parks week .

The templates and info will be posted as leaflets.

We hope to start a conversation about nature and how to interact and preserve it within every household. We hope that  this will slowly expand from the small leaves on the windows to a greater environmental awareness. 

As John Ruskin once said in 1864 in Rusholme Town Hall (which no longer exists): “ Every leaf matters”.

Every leaf matters.

John Ruskin

Leaves for download and colouring in

Every leaf of the tree  is different, but equally  important  for the plant.The same as different people in  the neighbourhood forming the unique fabric of our society.

“Every leaf matters”  is an event held during love parks week. It aims to start a conversation about our role in protecting and cohabiting with the environment, we desperately need to build a new culture and understanding of our role in the environment.

The conversation will start from a small action – downloading a leaf template, colouring it and displaying it in your window.

This will encourage everyone who passes by to think about the impact they have on the environment we all share.

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